Platform for Building a Stronger Clayton County

We as a county have come a long way since I took office in 2013. We saw the reemergence of transit in the form of MARTA, Southern Regional Hospital was purchased by Prime Health Care and we saw a renewed interest from the business sector with locating their businesses in our county, which created approximately 1100 jobs last year.

I promised to have more transparency in government which we have accomplished by publishing our business meeting agenda’s on line as well as other government documents for our citizens to review. Our board meetings are recorded and replayed on both AT&T and Comcast, and we are producing Public Service Announcements and shows that showcase the positive things happening in Clayton County.

We have laid a strong foundation but there is still a lot of work to be done. With your help and your vote my second term will focus on the following;

  • Job opportunities for our citizens
  • Workforce Development
  • Aggressive Economic Development Strategy for new businesses and retention
  • Continue to modernize and improve our county’s technology and infrastructure
  • Competitive salaries for our employees

As we build a stronger Clayton County we must put people back to work with good paying wages, and provide greater resources that will enhance all of our citizen’s quality of life.