Letter to the Citizens of Clayton County

Dear Citizens,

It has truly been an honor to serve you as the chairman of Clayton County for the pass 3 years. During those years I feel that a lot has been accomplished and the county is moving forward in the right direction. However, there is a lot of work that still needs to be done and for us to continue to be successful as a county we must continue to work together. I plan to run for re-election because I still believe in the potential of our county and because I serve the best citizens that an elected official could ask for.

My platform for the next four years will be centered on job creation, work force development and economic development. Clayton County’s unemployment rate is currently 6.6% which has declined since I have taken office. In January of 2013 the unemployment rate was approximately 9.7%. Even at 6.6% Clayton County still has the highest unemployment rate in the metro Atlanta area. So, my focus for the next four years will be to bring more businesses to our county with above average paying wages and to make sure that our citizens are educated and trained to compete for those positions. It’s just as important that we not only bring in new businesses, but retain the ones that we currently have especially in our retail and dining sector.

I will continue to work with our local governments, educational institutions, business community and faith based communities to ensure that our county continues to grow strong as a whole. For us to be the best county that we can be it will take all of us, with strong leadership, to stay the course and effect positive change. Clayton County is a great place to live work and play and our citizens deserve the very best our government can offer and that’s why I’m asking for your support for another four years so I can finish the job that so many of you expected of me. Thank you for your continued support and May God continue to bless each and every one of you!

Yours in Service,

Chairman Jeffrey E. Turner
Clayton County Board of Commissioners

“Coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success”
Henry Ford